Wake up call

I had a dream last night that my mom came down here and picked me up because the dean of students called her and told her that I partying too much…..I think I need to slow down.


Ok someone please tell me how to say no to this:
Monday: Margarita Monday…aka… two for one margaritas, and coronas at Greenhouse (biggest dance party on the island)
Tuesday: Two for tuesdays…..aka….all drinks, shots, everything buy one get one free at greenhouse
Wednesday: ladies night….aka…ladies get whatever kind of rail drink or coors light for a dollar all night at Duffys Love shack a bar/club where everyone goes.
Thursyday:I dont care what special is going on I go to UW Whitewater, and its a habit to go out that night, and why break a good habit.
And then there comes the weekend, of course you have to go do something with your time, right?
All the while I dont pay for any drinks no matter how much they cost, and all the bars are outside, where else are you gonna get this?
I dont know, some people think I am partying too much, my take on it is, Im 19 its legal for me to drink I am only here once, and its just soo much fun!!!!
I dunno, let me hear your thoughts on the subject!

Tip of the day

If you come back from drinking and realize you forgot to use your whitening strips, don’t expect to put them in and wake up in 30 minutes to an alarm clock you thought you set. My poor teeth hurt so much I cant even drink lukewarm water, and that really sucks because I am hungover and I need water.


Yes there are pictures up, THANK YOU AARON.
But i have to apologize I have some cleaning up to do with them. For right now, just sit back and enjoy…..and be jealous of course


If people want me to keep writing ya’ll need to start posting comments ok!
You know, I think I am going to get hit by a car one of these days, I still cant figure out this driving on the road thing.
Oh yeah, I have a mission for ya’ll, If someone can tell why people on this island drive on the left side I will send them a bottle of Island Rum.
Good Luck, happy hunting


Ah another fine day with no classes and all the time in the world to go to the beach…..sorry :). I apologize to everyone who has been waiting for my lazy ass to post something. Its hard to juggle school, beach, drinking, and some sleep, and then on top of it, trying to please ya’ll. Im just kidding, Im just lazy, lazy, lazy. I guess I am picking up on “Island time”, everything is done either 2 hours late, or 4 days late. Its like the Bermudia Triangle (sp), except things that are lost, often do find their way back just much much later.
Ok I got a good one for you, I was sitting in my room last night. And at about three AM I heard it start to rain. No big deal, except I paniced and headed for the door because I thought I might have left my windows down in my car. Now I haven’t driven since I left, I blame lack of sleep. Yup classic blonde moment, the sun must be bleaching my hair or something.
This weekend should be good, I am probably going over to Tortolia a british virgin island. Or St. John.
You know, I dont know how not to brag, because I write what I am doing, and its just so damn glamerous. I know I would be ready to kick my ass if I were in your shoes, but hey whatcha gonna do? You all are more than welcome, fly down here and try to get a piece of this.

To all you Whitewater Students

A couple of questions for you. If its icy outside, would you take the hill behind Wells dorms?? J/k Brian!!. Ok now for a more serious question, Has anyone recieved their registration date for next semester?? Just makin sure I can come back for classes next year, since I do have a place to live, and I miss everyone of course. Although I think they should just move the college down here, along with all’yall…..just an idea.
hope all is well


Who is coming to visit me??? I want some visitors!!! Its only $35 dollars a night (if your a guy) to come and stay here. If your a girl you can get by for for free. I want people to come see where I live.