Well I am in whitewater for the last time of the school year, P. T. appointment and to see Aaron and Andy. Then im off to see my sister in Milwaukee, then is back home Saturday to pack….no I am not all packed yet, just some little last minute stuff.
Sunday morning I leave at 10:05 from Madison if anyone wants to see me off, meet me there!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3 thoughts on “TWO MORE DAYS

  1. Have fun there katie! Just remember to take pictures, and send postcards :). OH yea, come back with a sweet tan so we can have googlly eyes for you! HEHE! Have fun! Stay Safe! Keep your stick on the ice!

  2. How come just when you leave for a tropical climate the weather here goes to subzero temperates? I think you planned this all along ……

  3. Hey Katie! I hope your having fun! i miss you! sorry we never got to ‘really’ say goodbye in person that is…. E-mail me when you get your intenet working! i can’t wait to hear from you!
    * has it been four months yet?? *
    -Tara 🙂

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