Hey hows the weather up there? Yes Aaron I did plan the weather, but I made it snow a little too early. My trip down here took 22 hours, my mom and I got stuck in the Madison airport for 3 hours, the Chicago airport for 7 hours, all due to a blizzard in Chicago! Then we finally made it down to Putero Rico (Sp) at 2 in the morning, and then had to spend the night in the airport. WE finally got down here at 8:00am my time. But it was well worth the trip. Right now as I write this I am looking at a view of the Carrabean (sp) Sea.
I have meet alot of people from all over the country and the other Islands. Dont be alarmed when I come back with a southern accent. Most of the people I hang out with are from the south. Ya’ll is very very easy to pick up!!.
A group of 13 of us went to St. John on Sunday after a very long night out,
(the drinking age here is 18, its awesome). We all some how got up at 9:30 and took a safari to the ferry, took a ferry to St. John and enjoyed a beautiful day on the beach. I am in the process of learning, and coping with swimming with the fish. Everyone here has snorkels, so I invested in a set, and its AWESOME.
Sorry to everyone who has been wondering where I was, the computer system here is hard to set up, but i promise aaron I will do better. As soon as my internet gets set up I will be posting pictures, and talking on trillian.
In the meantime I hope everyone is staying warm, oh and paul, definetly will I be tan when I come home. I am already tanner, than I have ever been.
Talk to ya’ll later

9 thoughts on “HEY EVERYONE

  1. glad your having a blast, dont have to much fun drinking over there without us. Ty told me you will be online in 2 days .. lets see if he’s right. Take lots of pics!!

  2. Yeah, it will probably take at least a week to get online. Everything here is SOOOOO slow

  3. Glad to hear you are having fun Katie, booze is real cheap down there so just start sending me rum, kahlua, and vodka and ill send money. Im not kidding either. you can get 4 liters of smirnoff for 24 bucks. hope your having a great time 🙂

  4. You are getting tanner? NO FREAKIN KIDDING??? 🙂
    Man… i’m glad your having fun while were up here freezing our asses off… OH well, the pictures and the comments will have to do i guess….
    So yea, get some pictures up. I want to see this kick ass school, and the awesome view. Have fun!

  5. You are very lucky I wish I was swimming and sunbathing and drinking that is awesome yeah as dohr said you should send some captain up here and send me the bill well I hope you are having fun down there. Hope to see you soon.

  6. Hi Katie!
    I think Mom was sending your camera cord this week, so hopefully you can post some pictures for everyone…I already saw some from Mom…I can’t wait to get there! Do you have an email address where I can write to rather than posting comments? Give me a call on Thursday in the morning. Glad to hear you are having a good time…remember you do have to go to class once in a while. 🙂
    Love you. Age

  7. Good morning darlin,

    Yes, I would like to send your stuff, which is under my desk, but I have no address to send it to. The
    pictures turned out great. I will have dad send them to you as soon as your email is set up. Do you have enough blankets or should I send the other white one in your room? I also found the phone numbers for Cinque and Doug, do you have them or should I post them here too? Let me know and I will send what I have out today. Ask around and see if mail works better than freight.

    Give me a call I will be at my desk all day, page me if I’m on the line.

    I am sending flowers from all of us to Grandma today. She had her last treatment yesterday.

    Love you bunches,
    CALL ME!!!!!!!!


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