Yesterday I met a pilot who wants to fly me and some friends to the other islands, very cool….dont worry I will get to know him better before I put my life in his hands!! I had a huge break yesterday because my lab for Scuba class was cut short, so I got to lay out on the beach, oh darn. oh while going to that class I was told to walk down the shoreline and it would take me there, well what I didnt know was there was a fence. So I ended up having to jump the fence, I ripped my new dress and scrapped up my arm, yeah dumb Katie. Oh well a good story to tell at least :).
Last night (Tuesday) was the big night to go out down here, well every night is a night to go out. But anyway, a huge group of us went to the Green House, about the equivilency of a club. The music was great, it had a mix of everything. I got home around 3:00am, and then went down to the beach to do some star gazying with a few people. Oh my god there are soo many stars here, and everything is backwards.
Well I have to get going to get my ID, and then im learning how to surf today, so hope everything is well in the states. I hope everyone is staying warm!!

4 thoughts on “I LOVE IT DOWN HERE

  1. Sounds like your having a blast down there. Do try to keep your clothes on though :). Does this pilot offer free flights to? That would be awesome. Tell him to fly back to WI and pick me up. 🙂

  2. What the hell…. i’m so freaking jealous …….
    again…. OK, so the pilot thing is allright, i’d take him up on his free flights, but bring your parachute! 🙂

    Yea, alls i can say is i’m jealous. Partying everynight? Stargazing with stars you can actually see? Surfing? Man…. I bet all the guys down there have massive tans and are as hot as hell? (and probably the women folk too….)

    yea, soo… were all taking a trip down for spring break right????? 😀

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