Yes I do have Class

Classes are very small here, I have not had more than 15 people in my classes. The professors seem pretty good so far, and the people in them are very nice. Its quite a difference being the minority in my class; there are usually about 3 white people per class. And there are also a bunch of adults coming back to school, the economy here is very slow right now, so I have been told.
My History class is very wierd, the professor is in my room but there are cameras and microphones in it. We have a teleconference thingie going on between St. Thomas and St. Croix (another virgin island). It was very cool, but very distracting! I am soo glad the professor is in my classroom.
All my professors are from around the islands, but they dont seem to have as thick of an accent. Which is very good, because its still a little hard to figure out what people are saying. The dilect is very strong with some people, and a good way to know if they are on crack is you cant understand them at all. They sound like Ozzy Osborne with a Jamacian accent. Dont worry mom and dad, there are not alot of crack heads, we all just met one when we took the ferry over to St. John.
Well Im off to class, and then to the beach. I swear, I am more addicted to the sun and beach than I ever was before. Plus its a great time to get my readings done. SEE I am doing my homework :), Just in a little different setting.
And last night I didnt go out, I just hung out on a stoop outside of someones dorm and talked with a bunch of people.
Sorry about the pics, Im doing the best I can, the proxy on my computer is acting up. I am going to bring it in before I go to the beach today and then I should beable to get them up. So stay tuned!!

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  1. Homework in a little DIFFERENT setting? Is that an understatment or what…. I swear, i get distracted by flashing colors, i wonder what would happen if i had a whole ocean in front of me? Ahhhhh… the dreams…

    yea, enjoy yourself. Have one for me.

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