Good morning everybody

I think I am addicted to the sun!! I dont think I can come back to Wisconsin, I think im going to move down here and be a rustafarian aka a freeloader on the island. Not saying that I dont miss anyone, because you could all just get on a plane and visit, and then I could just stay here. Hey better yet, everyone move down here and we could all buy a house to live in.
Yeah ok so im a little tired, and talking nonsense. 🙂
I had a chance to play my insturment (clarinet) yesterday, that was interesting to say the least. The music was about the same level as I had in high school, with the exception that the conductor didnt conduct. He played along with the clarinets. And also it was very rough sight reading so much music, when I havent for one played my clarinet for a year and a half, I havent played it with my braces off for almost two and a half years. And I havent played with my tounge ring in. But hey under all those circumstances, I did ok…
Last night a few of us went to a resturant that was right on the bay where all the yachts go. I am going to own one of those someday. They were HUGE. There was a sailboat that seemed to touch the stars, it was amazing.
Well I have the day off from class so Im heading to another beach on the island. Gonna have a surfing lesson hopefully. I am going to master this sport!
Hope everyone has a good day, talk to ya’ll later

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  1. Katie you are having way to much fun. But thats good, have a little fun for us all in WI while its snowing out, or at least it was last night.

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