What up everyone

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and Mr. Luther King day. Things are going very well here. I learned to body surf on a wave, it was a rush, and a huge risk all at the same time. For all you who have done it, you’ll know what I am talking about. The water just throws you around for a few seconds, washes you up on shore just in time for you catch that breath that you absolutly need. Its cool its cool! 🙂
Yesterday (MRK) day, we had a bunch of festivities going on, on campus. They had a band, and kareokie (Sp). I want to be black, they all seem to have outrageously great voices. It was very entertaining to say the least.
I am off to class, yes Age I do go to class. I should be on AIM sometime today.
GOOD luck at school for everyone who is starting today. Make sure you bundle up and cover your ears!

2 thoughts on “What up everyone

  1. Ok, ok, you don’t have to rub in the cold… jeez… we dont’ have to rub in the whole heat thing… JK! Man… seriously, i still think you suck. But, hey. If you stay in the sun long enough you can be black! 🙂
    Allright, time for school… bah…

  2. Yo…everyone in whitewater is coming over spring break to visit you. I think it would be tons of fun. hope you can fit us all in your dorm room, and dont worry, we will bottle some of this fricking cold air up in a jar and bring it with for you, so you can once again feel wisconsin. 😉 Hope all is well. -Christopher M. Nolan-

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