To all you Whitewater Students

A couple of questions for you. If its icy outside, would you take the hill behind Wells dorms?? J/k Brian!!. Ok now for a more serious question, Has anyone recieved their registration date for next semester?? Just makin sure I can come back for classes next year, since I do have a place to live, and I miss everyone of course. Although I think they should just move the college down here, along with all’yall…..just an idea.
hope all is well

3 thoughts on “To all you Whitewater Students

  1. Oh i am sure you can come back for classes. The question is, do you want to? Just check wins in a few weeks, see if there is anthing listed there. You should still be able to log in there.

  2. hey I’m glad you’re having a good time. To say the least me and my chest are doing fine and Shannon had twin boys. miss you!!

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