Ah another fine day with no classes and all the time in the world to go to the beach…..sorry :). I apologize to everyone who has been waiting for my lazy ass to post something. Its hard to juggle school, beach, drinking, and some sleep, and then on top of it, trying to please ya’ll. Im just kidding, Im just lazy, lazy, lazy. I guess I am picking up on “Island time”, everything is done either 2 hours late, or 4 days late. Its like the Bermudia Triangle (sp), except things that are lost, often do find their way back just much much later.
Ok I got a good one for you, I was sitting in my room last night. And at about three AM I heard it start to rain. No big deal, except I paniced and headed for the door because I thought I might have left my windows down in my car. Now I haven’t driven since I left, I blame lack of sleep. Yup classic blonde moment, the sun must be bleaching my hair or something.
This weekend should be good, I am probably going over to Tortolia a british virgin island. Or St. John.
You know, I dont know how not to brag, because I write what I am doing, and its just so damn glamerous. I know I would be ready to kick my ass if I were in your shoes, but hey whatcha gonna do? You all are more than welcome, fly down here and try to get a piece of this.

2 thoughts on “SUPP

  1. WOW!!! i sounds like you are having a blast down there! im definately jealous 😉 but Missouri is having warmer waether than WI- its supposed to be 60 today! well, keep enjoying yourself down in the tropic weather and master that surf board!

  2. Hey katie,
    Wow sounds like you are having a blast. Maybe my dad will let me go down there for spring break if you are still down there. That will be soooo kewl. Can;t wait to see how everyting is going down there well have to go see ya bye bye.


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