If people want me to keep writing ya’ll need to start posting comments ok!
You know, I think I am going to get hit by a car one of these days, I still cant figure out this driving on the road thing.
Oh yeah, I have a mission for ya’ll, If someone can tell why people on this island drive on the left side I will send them a bottle of Island Rum.
Good Luck, happy hunting

6 thoughts on “HELLO??

  1. Katie i reply with comments all the time. Other people do to. We need to add more people to your notification list so they just have to click the link in their inbox.

  2. Katie
    They drive on the other side of the road becuase the steering wheel is on the right side. You will also notice fish only swim westward, and the sun rises in the east and sets in the west.

    I like Rum. 🙂 Ill send you my address. I know you miss the -35 degree wind chill.

  3. As everyone else has said b/c of the British. I hope you’re partying enough for the rest of us here in the F*cking cold! See the difference there and here drinking is that there you do it to have fun but here we also do it cuz the alcohol keeps us warm! I hope to visit you before the year is up but I have so much going on with ashley c. gone to Alabama and her coming to the cold weather to come visit. Hope to talk to you on AIM some time I’ve been soo busy I’ve missed you when you were on. well ttyl. LUV YA!

  4. the reason that the vehicles drive on left hand side of the roads are because in the old days the donkey and horse wagons were slow and used the right side of the road. so the cars just went on the left. you know my address. hehe

  5. Hey Katie-Please tell Casey that we say hello and we miss her. Have lots of fun for us! Thanks!

    Peggy, Mel, and Blythe

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