Ok someone please tell me how to say no to this:
Monday: Margarita Monday…aka… two for one margaritas, and coronas at Greenhouse (biggest dance party on the island)
Tuesday: Two for tuesdays…..aka….all drinks, shots, everything buy one get one free at greenhouse
Wednesday: ladies night….aka…ladies get whatever kind of rail drink or coors light for a dollar all night at Duffys Love shack a bar/club where everyone goes.
Thursyday:I dont care what special is going on I go to UW Whitewater, and its a habit to go out that night, and why break a good habit.
And then there comes the weekend, of course you have to go do something with your time, right?
All the while I dont pay for any drinks no matter how much they cost, and all the bars are outside, where else are you gonna get this?
I dont know, some people think I am partying too much, my take on it is, Im 19 its legal for me to drink I am only here once, and its just soo much fun!!!!
I dunno, let me hear your thoughts on the subject!

2 thoughts on “Contemplation

  1. Drink in moderation…just because you’re out every night doesn’t mean you have to get fit shased.

    Love you…be good!

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