Question for people in the cold

Ok I got a question for all ya’ll at home, Truefully how many of you never thought I would go along with this…going to St. Thomas to school? Be honest, because all of my friends down here say no one believed them when they came up with the idea. Now I know it was over a year ago that I thought of this, so remember back….

9 thoughts on “Question for people in the cold

  1. Katie i knew that after you kept talking about it that you were gonna go do it and have a blast. I remember telling you that if you didnt go some day you would regret, so I knew all along.

  2. Yea, i knew too! You are that type of crazy girl! Show some more skin in those pics! (sorry ty…, you have to admit the sun is doing her some good! if you know what i mean…)

    Yea, hope your having fun. I’m sitting here freezing my ass off…. Bah…. OH yea, and doing real homework, not partying all night like some people i know….. Anyways, have fun!
    Your doing this for the average joes that never would!

  3. Yea Katie, I totally believed you that you would do this. And I hope you are enjoying yourself. Hope the semester is going well so far.

  4. Katie-
    you are destined to be there, A to send me cheap booze and b cause you wanted to do it forever. I believe in you (insert retarded clap over the head)

  5. i knew you’d do it all along. you were very excited about it when the idea came around and if you hadn’t gone down there for school you would have thought back and told yourself you were not very bright 😉 especially finding out how much fun it is!! hope all is well down in the sun 🙂

  6. Hey your question has some gramatical errors, maybe you should drop a drinking class and pick up and english. (I will regret saying this later) But ya I knew you wanted to go and I am so happy for you. You would regret it if you never did go. And ya like Dohr says, bring home the cheap booze. enjoy the sun

  7. I’m excited that you diecided to do this. it’s a great experience that should never be turned down. I’m also a little jealous but me here I don’t know what I want to do with my life yet so school’s not something for me to ponder quite yet. Did someone say booze?!? Sounds great sign me up. Since alls I do is work, sleep and DRINK!!

  8. I didn’t think you would, and I still wish you hadn’t gone…

    Miss you lots!!!

    Your jealous sister

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