LONG LONG WEEKEND………..ALL I have to say is I hate Valentines Day, I was minding my own business and some jackass (excuse my mouth) came up and stole my backpack and Caseys beach bag. It was sooo scary this man came out of nowhere while I was laying on my towel and just when I looked back he grabbed my bag right by my feet. I froze for a second, and then got up and screamed. This guy started running after him but he was too late. The man got away, stupid guy. But everyone is alright, no one got hurt; just a little shaken up, of course. Then we decided to say screw the school food and went out to dinner. All I wanted was a baked potato, thats it, easy enough right? Nope they ran out when I got there. Just terrible terrible Valentines day, So someone (hint hint) needs to make it up to me next year :).
Yesterday was better though, we got to hang out in a beatuful condo, I got to drive (remember its on the left side) I didn’t get in an accident at all it just comes natural now. Then the best part of the whole day was, I GOT TO MAKE RICE TACOS YYYYEEEEAAAAHHHH. They were delicious, of course!!!!!

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  1. That sucks, at least you are ok. I hope there wasnt anything important in the backpack. Yummy, rice tacoes, now im hungry.

  2. That really bites… but it’s a good thing that no one was hurt. Hopefully next V-day will be better 😉

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