Question of the week (Revised)

So what did everyone else do over Valentines Day?? If your story can beat mine, I’ll personally send you a bottle of rum!!!…….It has to be truthful!!! And provable!!

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  1. U got me beat, I am glad ya’ll are ok. I really appreciate ya’ll letting Casey use your phones, thanks to all. Have fun.

  2. U got me beat, I am glad ya’ll are ok. I really appreciate ya’ll letting Casey use your phones, thanks to all. Have fun.

  3. Umm for valentines day this is what happened
    I worked
    Got home from work
    Cory puked all over the inside and outside of my jeep.
    Jon accidentally backed into my jeep.
    Helped Cory into bed,
    Cory fell down the stairs
    Corys buddy chris was puking. Helped with that.
    That guys girlfriend was puking.
    She dropped her phone into the puke
    Cory fell up the stairs, that was quite amusing.
    We ate cheese sticks and woke up with a hangover
    oooh and i didnt get laid again

    Do i win do i win

  4. Ok, My V-day was pretty shitty all around. First off, I had attempted but failed terribly at getting wasted the night before, and ended up just having a nasty stomach ache the next morning. THEN as I was leaving Charleston to go back to Columbia, I got pulled by a cop. Apparently I ran a red light, but I swear i didn’t even see a light at that intersection!! Downtown charleston is such a bitch to figure out already with thousands of one way streets and what not. SO…he gave me a 242 dollar fine that I have to pay. The only way I can get it reduced is if I show up to court, which is right in the middle of the week when I will be down in the Virgin Islands meeting you 🙂 AND i just tried to get the court date changed, and the lady says there is no guarantee of it changing. Anyways, i came back into columbia, was extremely late for work, all of my tables were full when I got there, and at 7:45 we were dead for the night. So i ended my lovely night by drinking a beer, and wishing for the day to be over….also i didn’t get to spend anytime with my sweetie. How’s that for a sucky day?? 🙂

  5. Dude…. Basically mine rocked 🙂 So i wont go into it as to not make people mad at me. Hope next year is better for you all!

  6. Well since you want to know how my valentines was even though I probably won’t get the rum I’ll tell you.
    looking for books on how to make moonshine (my new boyfriends sick of buying booze so he wants to make it)
    getting drunk
    Making one of those origami fortune things with dirty things in it and of course having fun with that (four hours worth)
    then finally sleeping at three am.
    I also had a wonderful sunday watching NASCAR until my mom decided to lock her keys in her car so I had to leave the party get the keys meet her and drive back to the party. In which case I missed the big crash and I also got a ticket for “parking on the left side of a hwy” on a RESIDENTIAL ROAD!! ugh $177.00!!!! BULL!! To say the least me and my boy got the tickets and we’re fighting it. Well I’m glad to hear you’re ok and I can just imagine you (skinny katie) running after this dude. It would’ve been an interesting sight! lol. 🙂

  7. Well… My Valentines day was a long lonily day… I woke up with flea bites all over my legs from my three cats having fleas. I itched so bad and got so pissed off at my cat i woudln’t feed them. SO they followed me around all day while i clean james house. I did the dishes, mopped the floor, vacummed downstairs, did like 500 loads of laundry, gave 2 angry cats a LONG flea bath and got soaking wet in the process. I finally took a shower at 2ish and got ready for work. Work from 3-10:30… nothing special. THen i came home to a crabby already sleeping boyfriend whom i havne’t seen all day. So overall, my Valentines day was nothing special, but hey it better then that last few years… NOw that sad.

  8. Hey,
    My Valentines day was kewl but not with a guy though. Our hockey team had a game and we won so we are going to State! ! ! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
    bunch of smiley faces. And we made the other team cry and everyone gave out valentines and things it was really kewl but you know lol bye katie i hate you! 🙂

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