ahhh weekend

” The sun and the sand, and a drink in my hand”, as long as I stick to those rules I should have a much better weekend. The week has been going pretty well, a few glitches with the mail, but thats to be expected livin on an Island..right? You would not believe how ssslllooowww people function around here. Earlier in the semester I said the cashiers office was like an outside DMV, but that was an understatement. Even to get a burger, or grilled cheese takes at least 20 minutes, and thats after they finally ask you after staring at you for like 10 minutes. But hey, Im livin in St. Thomas..right? And there are Beautiful beaches totally surrounding, some of which arent safe…but thats besides the point 🙂 ! So yes to all my family and friends at home, I really do miss you, but damit if you want to see me. COME DOWN HERE :).