Playing beach football in the rain, jumping off a pier into the ocean AT NIGHT, and right as we just as we jumped in this big, I mean huge shark came up and tried to bite my arm off, but dont worry I jumped on its back and went for a ride. We got to talking and his name is Fred, hes a good shark, I guess I just caught him at a bad time, oops…. but hey now I dont have to worry about sharks anymore Fred said he would protect me from all the other sharks. oh yeah and we ran into Nemo, good nice fish. Man this place is getting crazier by the day, or maybe Its just me!

4 thoughts on “SHARK!!

  1. Yeah, I think it’s just you Katie… cause I was there and I don’t remember any shark named Fred

  2. hey katie…what’s up? Shark huh?…I think you made that story up….lol. Anyway…just wanted to say hi….see ya….walter

  3. Sun or another mind altering substance.
    Stay away from them and you will not have to deal
    with Fred or his friends…..

    Love you,


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