CAN YOU BELIEVE HOW WHITE I WAS???….. wow I love having Adriane and Chad here…its like home….everybody here is from so far away ……and its soo nice to talk about the past. A.K.A before two months ago…MOM AND DAD I CANT WAIT TO BE HOME…I miss everyone sooo much, and just everything about home I miss. Having Age here, makes me want to go home that much me….
have a wonderuful Tuesday night…ttyl


Just to let everyone know who was wondering….Age and Chad got here ok….and now we are off to a beach :)!!!!

Wonderful weekend, and getting better

Well I had a wonderful weekend, I had my first experience on a sailboat….cool stuff, well that was after it stopped raining and was windy as heck. I also got to see Yost Van Dyke….A British Virgin Island. Let me tell you, It was the most beautiful place I have seen so far down here…..Thank you Adam!! We stopped at a place called Foxys and had lunch, and then we made it over to a beach called White Bay. WOW, the sand was perfectly white and everything else was perfect with it….we went to a bar called Soggy Dollar, its named this because when the boat stops you have to jump in the water to get to the beach, so when you give them money for their famous pain killers (drinks) they take your soggy dollar and hang it up…cleaver isnt it? After that we made it back home, the sun was shinning finally, and it was wonderful…
And the weekend continues……..AGE and CHAD are COMING HERE


Hello everyone,
Sorry it has been sooo long, I had a great spring break dont worry family no details. This week has been hard to get back into the swing of things, but I did and I have been doing very very well on all my midterms.
I just recieved my Birthday package….THANK YOU EVERYONE….you made me cry…but a good cry. Its great to know I have friends like y’all to come home to. If it wasnt for y’all I would probably have to stay here……j/k mom & Age.
I love you all


Yes so we should all know that its SPRING BREAK and to celebrate spring break what did we do… not drink…something adventerous we went rock climbing at Brewers point. It was awesome until all of a sudden i was out with just Suzanna and neither of us could find a rock to grab. So being the brave one I grabbed onto a rock, thinking it was sturdy. And then out of no where, this big rock came barreling down the hillside and smacked me in the neck. Leaving me grabbing onto this skimpy branch, and Suzanna holding my left foot, only to keep my life going. She shimmied up the branch that held my life at hand, and slowly lowered me down to safety. Thank goodness for her…………………………………………………………………………………………….
Ok for the real story, I was rock climbing with Suzanna and this rock about the size of two of my hands width* came crashing down when I grabbed it with only enough time for me to turn away my head and take the blow with my neck and shoulder. Dont worry everyone I just have a few bruises and scrapes, I also did get a few coming down…but oh well it was a good time, and I didnt hurt my knees or hips…
Love you all


Oh man oh man where do I start! Well the weekend started off like everyother weekend, except for one thing Sunday WAS MY BIRTHDAY!! I woke up to four signs posted on my wall that said happy birthday beach bum Katie (thank you Tamara…AKA…my roomate). So after much anticipitation we started off the weekend Friday afternoon, later on there was a Talent show here on campus where I proceeded to scream my ass off (excuse the language), and watch the most talented people I have ever seen perform! Volique, and Daniel two girls in our suites wow, of course, the totally kicked butt!! By the way I’ll have their cd for everyone to listen to when I get back. After watching that I decided it was time to keep the celebration going, so we went over to some friends house and played some beer pong where I managed to get very drunk…oops :)!
Saturday was a wonderful relaxing day on the broken dock, the sun was shinning, water crystal clear, you couldnt ask for anything better. All was well until Adam a friend of mine talked me into jumping off this four foot broken dock, into very VERY shallow water. So being the adventerous moron I am, I jumped in. All would have been well except for the fact that I did pretty much a pencil dive straight in, I couldnt feel my leg for a few minutes. But not to worry feeling came back, with minimal pain. After getting sunned, actually after Adam got RED (sorry Adam) It was time to relax for a while inside and start the drinkin again. A few of us sat around and played some selected card games, and at about 11 decided to go out..well this was after a game of beer pong. Man was it a crazy night, Sorry mom and dad, but I dont think I have ever drank so much in my life! It was one of those nights where ya need a little extra assistance from the car to the house :). Sunday morning I woke up at 8 still unable to walk, but by the time I woke back up at 10:30AM I felt like a million bucks! So in celebration of our soberness and MY BIRTHDAY we started drinkin (go figure) Well my birthday party was suppose to be on the beach, but for some odd reason it was rainy and WINDY all day. But not to worry I had a wonderful day of drinking and watching T.V., by 5pm I was soo ready to go to sleep, I had talked to my fam and a few friends. Mckayla came on the phone and wished me a happy birthday, bringing lots of tears to my eyes! So you ask yourself did she go to sleep???…..

The answer to your question….

HELL no I didn’t go to sleep, I had a birthday party waiting for me on Josh’s boat. I got there and had a birthday cake shaped like a sandcastle calling my name. Thank you Katherine, It was delicious!! I also got a beautiful silver Island bracelet, THANK YOU GIRLS. By 10pm everyone was pretty drunk..finally! j/k and we were on our way home. THANK YOU to Adam who was very nice to bring us all home! When I got home I had more surprises waiting for me, my room door was decorated, and also my walls (pictures will be posted). And then finally after waiting for days to open this gigantic package from my parents I finally got to! I got a 5 year old birthday card with Tigger on it :), and playdough, bubbles, sand toys, skip-bo (to replace the one that got stollen), a TRAVEL LIGHT BRIGHT, an etch-a-sketch, A grow-a-boyfriend, LOTS of candy necklaces, a screw driver, and batteries (for the light bright), and Rechargable batteries for my camera. NOW WHAT ELSE COULD A 5 YEAR OLD ASK FOR??
THANK YOU EVERYONE THAT WAS INVOLVED IN MY BIRTHDAY, I WOULD LIKE TO INFORM EVERYONE AT HOME, THAT I AM ALIVE AND WELL!! I SURVIVED THE WEEKEND WITH ONLY A MINOR KNEE INJURY. I WOULD LIKE TO THANK MY MOM, MY DAD, AARON, KELSEY, ADRIANE, TYSON,TARA, ADAM, DAMON, DAVE, MARCI, SUZANNA, CASEY, KATHERINE, TAMARA, JOSH, AND WHOEVER ELSE WAS INCLUDED ON THE AWESOME WEEKEND!!!!! man I feel like im trying to be on the Oscars or something:). But really this was the best birthday a girl could ask, especially for being so far away from home. Thanks again everyone, same place same time in four years, your all on!