The answer to your question….

HELL no I didn’t go to sleep, I had a birthday party waiting for me on Josh’s boat. I got there and had a birthday cake shaped like a sandcastle calling my name. Thank you Katherine, It was delicious!! I also got a beautiful silver Island bracelet, THANK YOU GIRLS. By 10pm everyone was pretty drunk..finally! j/k and we were on our way home. THANK YOU to Adam who was very nice to bring us all home! When I got home I had more surprises waiting for me, my room door was decorated, and also my walls (pictures will be posted). And then finally after waiting for days to open this gigantic package from my parents I finally got to! I got a 5 year old birthday card with Tigger on it :), and playdough, bubbles, sand toys, skip-bo (to replace the one that got stollen), a TRAVEL LIGHT BRIGHT, an etch-a-sketch, A grow-a-boyfriend, LOTS of candy necklaces, a screw driver, and batteries (for the light bright), and Rechargable batteries for my camera. NOW WHAT ELSE COULD A 5 YEAR OLD ASK FOR??
THANK YOU EVERYONE THAT WAS INVOLVED IN MY BIRTHDAY, I WOULD LIKE TO INFORM EVERYONE AT HOME, THAT I AM ALIVE AND WELL!! I SURVIVED THE WEEKEND WITH ONLY A MINOR KNEE INJURY. I WOULD LIKE TO THANK MY MOM, MY DAD, AARON, KELSEY, ADRIANE, TYSON,TARA, ADAM, DAMON, DAVE, MARCI, SUZANNA, CASEY, KATHERINE, TAMARA, JOSH, AND WHOEVER ELSE WAS INCLUDED ON THE AWESOME WEEKEND!!!!! man I feel like im trying to be on the Oscars or something:). But really this was the best birthday a girl could ask, especially for being so far away from home. Thanks again everyone, same place same time in four years, your all on!

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  1. Katie you had way to much fun. I think your right when you said you drank enuogh for the both of us. But at least you are still alive and in one peice. ALl your presents from your mom were perfect for a 5 year old too 🙂

  2. JEEZ!!! I bet you drank more in one weekend than i did in my whole life!!!
    Well, allright, so have another for me 🙂
    It was nice to talk to you, hope your having a blast!!!!
    We all love you!

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