Yes so we should all know that its SPRING BREAK and to celebrate spring break what did we do…..no not drink…something adventerous we went rock climbing at Brewers point. It was awesome until all of a sudden i was out with just Suzanna and neither of us could find a rock to grab. So being the brave one I grabbed onto a rock, thinking it was sturdy. And then out of no where, this big rock came barreling down the hillside and smacked me in the neck. Leaving me grabbing onto this skimpy branch, and Suzanna holding my left foot, only to keep my life going. She shimmied up the branch that held my life at hand, and slowly lowered me down to safety. Thank goodness for her…………………………………………………………………………………………….
Ok for the real story, I was rock climbing with Suzanna and this rock about the size of two of my hands width* came crashing down when I grabbed it with only enough time for me to turn away my head and take the blow with my neck and shoulder. Dont worry everyone I just have a few bruises and scrapes, I also did get a few coming down…but oh well it was a good time, and I didnt hurt my knees or hips…
Love you all

4 thoughts on “SPRING BREAK BABY

  1. Katie stories like that are gonna a drive your parents crazy :). I’m glad you havin a fun spring break, and stay out late like the 4:44am post you made here to the blog :). Have a great week! .. Send me them pictures!

  2. wow, glad to hear your safe. I did some rock climbing in colorado when i was there in january, (check out http://frozenpc.homelinux.net/gallery/chris_colorado_trip/DVC00048 This is my friend Dave, and hes at a cliff with a 300 foot drop off, straight down, I was not going to atttempt something like this, crazy. But i was just thinking that there couldnt be that high of mountains in the virgin islands could there? Hope all is well Katie. P.S. Ill send you some $$ for a bottle of RUM!!! 🙂 Let me know if you can smuggle it in 😉

  3. Katie,

    I agree with Aaron, you keep telling stories like that and you are gonna drive your parents crazy. But, I’m glad that you had a good Spring Break and are all safe for the most part. Also, I won’t send you any money for Rum, but if you want you can smuggle me some in anyways. 😉 lol jk Keep having fun and soaking up the sun. Later babe.

  4. haha, Barry cant handle the foreign rum…but then again, he never had any of the Tortuga last year!! Peace yo.

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