Wonderful weekend, and getting better

Well I had a wonderful weekend, I had my first experience on a sailboat….cool stuff, well that was after it stopped raining and was windy as heck. I also got to see Yost Van Dyke….A British Virgin Island. Let me tell you, It was the most beautiful place I have seen so far down here…..Thank you Adam!! We stopped at a place called Foxys and had lunch, and then we made it over to a beach called White Bay. WOW, the sand was perfectly white and everything else was perfect with it….we went to a bar called Soggy Dollar, its named this because when the boat stops you have to jump in the water to get to the beach, so when you give them money for their famous pain killers (drinks) they take your soggy dollar and hang it up…cleaver isnt it? After that we made it back home, the sun was shinning finally, and it was wonderful…
And the weekend continues……..AGE and CHAD are COMING HERE

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