CAN YOU BELIEVE HOW WHITE I WAS???….. wow I love having Adriane and Chad here…its like home….everybody here is from so far away ……and its soo nice to talk about the past. A.K.A before two months ago…MOM AND DAD I CANT WAIT TO BE HOME…I miss everyone sooo much, and just everything about home I miss. Having Age here, makes me want to go home that much me….
have a wonderuful Tuesday night…ttyl

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  1. Awww, everyone misses you too Kate!!

    P.S. – watch out though because when you’re back you might be really missing the islands 🙂

  2. So where are ther pictures from that week? And why haven’t you called? I miss you too honey!!!!

    Have you cleaned out your email yet?

    Is that enough questions?

    So answer them!!!!!!

    Love you sweetie,

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