Well Aaron and Andy came down, and what a great week we had!! We did just about everything possible, I think I wear out guests more than myself, becasue I make them do so much stuff. But overall its a very good time, well hopefully, it was for me. We’ve got some good rum stories, they discovered how cheap alcohol was, and especially the Cruzan rum. It was definetly a big hit among them.
This week is carnival down here, and its going to be crazy crazy!! Marci and I were good and stayed in tonight so we could get some homework done so we could party party for the rest of the week! We were both semi successful in our attempts, but nun the less more than if we went out. This week I get to be in a parade, wearing some red thing, dancing all the way down waterfront. And then proceeding to dance infront of a judge, three white girls….Ill let ya know how that goes.
I hope everyone is doing well, I definetly am, I have four more days of classes, and then I am off to Putro Rico for a day or two to go sight see, and then its exams the following week….and then its creepin up close, but I come home in less than a month…craziness…!!!
Love ya’ll , update ya asap

Aaron and Andy’s Visit

Hey its Andy from the Virgin Islands,
We are all having a blast down here the weather has not really been the greatest warm but no sun. We are making due with what we got though it is a blast down here Katie has some cool friends and they all have been really nice it is also really nice to be able to buy 3 times the rum here than what you can at home it is crazy rum is like water down here. A lot of wasted times down here so hope all are having fun in Wisconsin we will see you all when we get home.

Count down

On the 12th day before Aaron and Andy came to me,
what did Katie do…
I went to work,
I went to class,
I ate some food,
I went to the Library,
and I talked to my family..
If you havent already…put it into the 12 days of christmas song…it kinda works

Hey strangers….

Wow I almost forgot how to work this thing its been a while. Well lets see….update…. Oh for april fools day, I told my mom I was staying down here, finishing up school, and getting married….I dont think she liked it too much…Love you mom 🙂 !! But dont worry everyone, I am comin home very soon. And dont worry I am still having a great time, I just got a little homesick when my sis was in town. School Is going great, except the fact its almost over….:(.


Everyone go look at the hundreds of pictures katie had me put up. Im not kidding either, there are like 300 or something.