Count down

On the 12th day before Aaron and Andy came to me,
what did Katie do…
I went to work,
I went to class,
I ate some food,
I went to the Library,
and I talked to my family..
If you havent already…put it into the 12 days of christmas song…it kinda works

3 thoughts on “Count down

  1. some of us in 12 days from today will be in class…lol…bring us back some rum!!!

  2. on the night before my sis came…
    all through the dorm, not a creature was stirring, not even a worm (ok i lied, there is one crawling on the lounge floor as i type)…
    everyone else is at greenhouse heavily drinking, while i sit in my room all alone, just thinking…
    why do i have two tests tomorrow, why are my teachers trying to give me such sorrow?
    ok ok i guess ill stop crying, cause my sis and friends will soon be flying….TO HAVE THE BEST WEEK OF THEIR LIVES!!!!!!
    wow, these dorms really do make people crazy…sorry for the sloppy poem-i don’t deal well with studying.

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