Did you know….

Did you know, that if its raining really hard outside and you are trying to drive. Puting sunglasses on will help you to see better

Back at the ol’ school

I went out in Whitewater (my home school) last night and it was great seeing everyone again! Not much has changed at WW, except Paulie is gung-ho over drinking which is really really wierd…Love ya paulie :), and everyone is legal to go out to the bars…wierd also. Overall I think I can stand going here another year, after being here I have realized I have made some really great friends at WW. Thanks guys! I can’t to see everyone else real soon.

Day 5

Well the sun shined for a few minutes today which is always a good thing…and even more than St. Thomas got today.
I would like to reword what I had said about people from WI in my last entry. I did miss everyone greatly especially my family and it is sooo great to see them. It is also a great pleasure to see my friends! I am just not a big fan of the place anymore, If you have ever visited the Caribbean you should know how I feel. Imagine spending a whole winter there, and then coming back to this. Cold, rain, flat land. Its just a difficult switch. Dont get me wrong its great to be back to see everyone. I just wish It wasnt for such a long time. There is so much to explore in this world, and im only gonna live once!

Phone Numbers

If anyone has the phone numbers for Casey, Tamara, and Jerome please email them to me at Katie@katiestravels.us……IF not just email me a message…thanks

Home Update….

I have now been home for Four days and besides the few hours on Thursday I have not seen the sun, and have had to go through terrible thunderstorms…my I idea of fun..I THINK NOT!!!!! Now someone tell me why I wanted to come home, Heck I woulda paid for all of my friends/family to come see me if thats what it took for me to stay down there.
All I have been doing is getting wet and COLD, and I am tired as hell. Everyone keeps telling me its so nice to have me back, what the heck are they thinking? Do they see where they live? Marci, Casey, Tamara, Suzannah and everyone else who wants to join in, Im comin to pick ya’ll up Memorial day weekend and we are fleeing (sp) the country and going somewhere warm. We can all get jobs wherever we end up, and live a happy life on the beach! Since it was always up to me to make the plans, give me a few days and Ill let ya know when all your planes leave, and if your lucky where they are taking you :).
Naw really it is nice to see everyone again, Its just so depressing when theres no one around. And come to find out, I dont have very many friends to see…which is depressing too. Plus more than half of them have kids, its K(backwards R)@ZZIE-ness (Right marci?).
I miss everyone from St. Thomas, Please give me a CALL…..because I am bored out of my mind!!!!!
love ya’ll KATIE

Almost there

Well Today is my last day in Sunny, warm St. Thomas :(. To all whom it may concern I will have custody of my cell phone after Sunday, so if ya wanna give me a hala please do.
See ya’ll soon

Almost home

For all ya’ll who miss me, I will be returning in one week from yesterday! I am finally done with exams, thank god!!!! Slowly people are starting to get on that big plane and leave the island. I thought it was sad leaving everyone at home, this is really really sad because I have no idea when im seeing anyone again :(. But hey I do have a place to visit in almost every state now 🙂 so thats a plus. Ill try to keep updating a little before I leave but we have big plans for the week, we are going to stay in Cinnamon Bay on St. John with a bunch of people, and we are also getting a boat on monday to finally go island hopping. Willy T’s HERE I COME…..Ill let ya’ll know what im talking about after I go… I hope everyone had a good week, and aced all ya’lls exams. Have a wonderful week, and Ill see ya soon

Carnival week/weekend

Well Carnival was last week and it was the craziest week I have ever been through. Jouvert was a party that started at 4 am. But we were all too tired so we woke up at 5:30am and started playing beer pong. And then at 6:30 after the sun came up we went down town and partied till one in the afternoon. There were bands all the way down the street driving in trucks and people dancing everywhere. It was super hot.
Friday during the day we all sat around in the hot tub, and played in the pool. Our friend Dave brought Marci, Damon and me a bottle of champaigne**sp at the hot tub, it was AWESOME….Thanks DAVE
Then on Saturday we were in the parade and we danced down another street for almost 7 hours. It even rained on us, but none of us cared we were having so much fun. Sunday was a definite chill day..to say the least.