Carnival week/weekend

Well Carnival was last week and it was the craziest week I have ever been through. Jouvert was a party that started at 4 am. But we were all too tired so we woke up at 5:30am and started playing beer pong. And then at 6:30 after the sun came up we went down town and partied till one in the afternoon. There were bands all the way down the street driving in trucks and people dancing everywhere. It was super hot.
Friday during the day we all sat around in the hot tub, and played in the pool. Our friend Dave brought Marci, Damon and me a bottle of champaigne**sp at the hot tub, it was AWESOME….Thanks DAVE
Then on Saturday we were in the parade and we danced down another street for almost 7 hours. It even rained on us, but none of us cared we were having so much fun. Sunday was a definite chill say the least.

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  1. wow, sounds like it was a blast. The coolest part for me is being able to put faces to like all those names.

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