Almost home

For all ya’ll who miss me, I will be returning in one week from yesterday! I am finally done with exams, thank god!!!! Slowly people are starting to get on that big plane and leave the island. I thought it was sad leaving everyone at home, this is really really sad because I have no idea when im seeing anyone again :(. But hey I do have a place to visit in almost every state now 🙂 so thats a plus. Ill try to keep updating a little before I leave but we have big plans for the week, we are going to stay in Cinnamon Bay on St. John with a bunch of people, and we are also getting a boat on monday to finally go island hopping. Willy T’s HERE I COME…..Ill let ya’ll know what im talking about after I go… I hope everyone had a good week, and aced all ya’lls exams. Have a wonderful week, and Ill see ya soon