Home Update….

I have now been home for Four days and besides the few hours on Thursday I have not seen the sun, and have had to go through terrible thunderstorms…my I idea of fun..I THINK NOT!!!!! Now someone tell me why I wanted to come home, Heck I woulda paid for all of my friends/family to come see me if thats what it took for me to stay down there.
All I have been doing is getting wet and COLD, and I am tired as hell. Everyone keeps telling me its so nice to have me back, what the heck are they thinking? Do they see where they live? Marci, Casey, Tamara, Suzannah and everyone else who wants to join in, Im comin to pick ya’ll up Memorial day weekend and we are fleeing (sp) the country and going somewhere warm. We can all get jobs wherever we end up, and live a happy life on the beach! Since it was always up to me to make the plans, give me a few days and Ill let ya know when all your planes leave, and if your lucky where they are taking you :).
Naw really it is nice to see everyone again, Its just so depressing when theres no one around. And come to find out, I dont have very many friends to see…which is depressing too. Plus more than half of them have kids, its K(backwards R)@ZZIE-ness (Right marci?).
I miss everyone from St. Thomas, Please give me a CALL…..because I am bored out of my mind!!!!!
love ya’ll KATIE

4 thoughts on “Home Update….

  1. guess what katiekins?? i havent sent in my stuff for ny yet, so you have like 2 1/2 days to make plans…IM SO THERE! im searchin the web right now to look for jobs for us (anything but coors light girls)…

  2. Katie its not the number of friends you have here, its how important you are to the friends you have here. Thats what counts 🙂

  3. “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened” – Unknown

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