One more week of summer gone

I had a chance to go to the zoo yesterday, that place is soo sad. I have pictures but my computer is being touchy, so as soon as it works again, Ill show yall some pictures of Wisconsin.

Yup, the week starts back up

After a beautiful weekend, the bars friday night, and a kick ass wedding Saturday. It is now monday, cold and rainy! But to make the day go faster for me and three girls, we played two games that I won twice twister , and another game that I cant remember at the moment because my short term memory is very very slim. Darn St Tommie rubbed off on me. Oh well, hopefully by the end of the summer it will regain its compacity..and im babbling… So I hope everyone is doing well, and bored at home so they will come visit me because I REALLY am!


I challange everyone, no matter where your from to give me at least one fun summer activity you can do with two 6th graders, and one 8th grader. IT HAS TO BE WITHIN THE STATE! Or c lose to it….sorry Adam no trips to St. Thomas with them! Remember back to your childhood and think of one thing that you really enjoyed doing in the summer…and if it has some educational purpose that would be great too! If your from Wisconsin, let me know good places to go for day trips…

Almost one month home….

Well Ive been home for almost one month and things are pretty much back to normal. I still am currently unemployed and doing absolutly nothing with my time, which I have no complaints over. The weather was getting nice until today, its about ohh maybe 50-55 out and rainy. I swear besides the coldness, and lack of ocean, I would say we live in a tropical climate with this rain!
I attended Alex’s and Molly’s Eighth grade graduation, man am I getting old, they were in 1st grade when I graduated 8th grade….and I was babysitting both of them!
Time goes fast, and the older you get the faster it goes! Thats why im going to live my life how I want to, because you know what…..I DO WHAT I LIKE!

Hello Everyone

Well Life is getting back to normal here in WI. Jon’s party went off with a bang last weekend….GOOD LUCK JON! I had an interesting week of doing pretty much nothing. I got to watch my friend Kelsey’s daughter Mckayla, man is she a hoot. My sister came up this weekend and the fam went out to dinner at a place called JT Whitneys…..I TRIED FISH! Not to bad, but I’ll stick to my veggie burger. Then my mom, sis, and I went and saw the newest bestest movie out…Harry Potter, EVERYONE go see it, it was awesome. Sat. Age, mom, and I went and participated in the Susan Kommen Breast cancer walk. We did the 10K run….haha yeah right, we did the 5K walk, which was more than enough for me…..I blame the rum… :). Today is Sunday and it is a Beautiful beautiful day here finally. Its probably around 80 degrees, and high humidity…I feel right at home. Now if there were only a Brewers( not the team, the beach), or a Coki, or even a Grand beach pool I could lay out at and hang out with everone I miss so much, Life would be all good.