Almost one month home….

Well Ive been home for almost one month and things are pretty much back to normal. I still am currently unemployed and doing absolutly nothing with my time, which I have no complaints over. The weather was getting nice until today, its about ohh maybe 50-55 out and rainy. I swear besides the coldness, and lack of ocean, I would say we live in a tropical climate with this rain!
I attended Alex’s and Molly’s Eighth grade graduation, man am I getting old, they were in 1st grade when I graduated 8th grade….and I was babysitting both of them!
Time goes fast, and the older you get the faster it goes! Thats why im going to live my life how I want to, because you know what…..I DO WHAT I LIKE!

2 thoughts on “Almost one month home….

  1. Yeah, the weather here does suck. But at least your blog looks even better now. I think its better than them rhode islands boys site too.

  2. Get to work so you can start making money and get your white ass
    back down here….

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