Fourth of July Weekend

Man how is this summer flying by. I cant believe it is the Fourth of July…by the way Happy Fourth of July! We had our big celebration yesterday called Rhythm and Booms in Madison.Melissa my friend from school who goes to Minnesota came down to visit. It was GREAT to see her again! Every year is so much fun everyone gets together down at the park and we just hang out all day. Well this year didnt go so smooth. It poured on us from like 3 o’clock on and at about 6-7 we finally decided after the fireworks were canceled it was time to leave. We were under a small tent for the day, and it just wasnt cuttin it, so we stole a tarp one of many that was left from people and tied it up around the tent because it didnt have sides. So here we are trying to stay dry in the middle of a park and finally we all just say screw it after we got wet going to the port-a-pody…*sp*. After a bathroom stop we decided to join in all the kids and use the abandoned tarps for slip and slides. It was soo much fun, quite cold but it was still alot of fun. Later in the evening we went up to Kelseys had some pizza and called it a night. Its times like these where I really like Wisconsin!
Sunday the Fourth was a much calmer day until my dad came inside and told us we had a dog emergency, Molly our Shitzu ate rat poisioning. So we promptly called the vet and rushed her up to the dogie hospital. They were ready for her which made us feel better, they informed us that whatever she ate was the really bad kind. But at all times they seemed very calm which gave us piece of mind. She was fed food, and then something to make her puke and clean out her system. My poor doggie, she is the only dog I have ever had, and if anything ever happens to her I dunno what im gonna do. So after a few hours of them cleaning out her system we got to pick her up. She is still at a very critical stage and under close watch from us. But she is acting normal and begging for food. Ill let everyone know how shes doing in the next couple days when we know more….because I know ya’ll care alot about her!
The rest of the day wasnt so eventful, Melissa came over and that poor girl had to listen to me talk about St. Thomas for a while…cant help it…I LOVE it down there! We walked down to the Fireworks at the Stoughton Jr. Fair, saw some people we havent seen in ages…Its amazing how fast you forget some people.
For being such a big weekend, it was pretty darn relaxing, which was just fine with me!
How was everyone elses??