Have ya given up on me?

I am so sorry to everyone who use to read my website I have turned lazy while being home. But for all ya’lls information I am getting very back into the swing of things again.
Adam was just here for 10 days, It was great being “tour guide” we did….
Went to see Pat McCurdy,
Went to devils lake but got rained out from camping,
Went to my cousin Brian’s Wedding,
Went to Whitewater and got to hang out with the bestest crew in Wisconsin,
And went to a Brewers game where they kicked ass!
……yeah so finding out even more, there is NOTHING to do in Wisconsin.
Ok so I might still be a little bitter towards my state, but trust me people I am happy. I really do have a great group of friends here….
If you dont live in Wisconsin and you still check my website go to this website to go see some pictures since ive been home.
That is a website by the bestest person of all, Aaron…and yes Aaron everyone knows who you are.
OH and a word from Aaron….if you see a dog, moo at it…. 🙂
Ok well a great thing is happening right now, friends and friends family is home right now from the Marines and tommrow night we will be engaging in some celebration of them coming home after training, and before they head to defend our country. So dont be alarmed if I actually do write again very soon.