So how is everyone doing? My life is pretty hecktic I guess you could say, Although I know I am in school and I have lots of free time, but damn do I have a crap load of homework all the time. The weather is getting pretty cold all the way here in WI, but Im handling it ok….ITS NO ST TOMMIE! But the leaves are really pretty.
A couple weeks ago Ty and I went to New York to pick up a horse, Man is New York far away! We were basically in the car the WHOLE weekend, but we did get to drive through Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Penn., and New York. And we picked up a huge, I mean HUGE horse! It was very very unhappy about us putting it in a trailer after it just got here from Holland.
Ok thats all for now folks, if something interesting comes up , ya’ll will be the first ones to know!

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  1. katielou….we gotta go back to st tommie, so you can finally put up some more pictures…more pictures of hottass girls…us!

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