Pictures will be up soon, we had a minor set back when I left my computer cord in St. Thomas. Hey! it was a long two weeks, and after it my mind will never be the same. So be patient, and I will have them up in no time at all.

A Short story of Two of the luckiest girls in the whole world

Well the fun is over and its back to school, but before I hit the books I would like to tell you of a time not so long ago when Marci and I visited good ol’ St. Tommie once again. It was a cool day in Wisconsin when Marci’s LA plane arrived, no snow on the ground, but nun the less pretty darn cold. It was around 11:30 when she stepped out of security awaiting a very white WI girl. The two girls caught each others eyes and did what you never think actually happens, but oh it did, screaming, running, and hugging the two girls finally reunited after 7 months. It was all smiles from there, lunch at and Indian restaurant with Katie’s mom, a little sight seeing of Stoughton, party at 256 #2 house (Katie’s place), and then at 2:30 after no sleep they headed south to catch a plane. Thanks to the greatest guy in the whole wide world Aaron, the fog didn’t even keep the girls from missing their plane. Around 6am it was smooth sailin’ to St. Tommie, there was one quick stop in Charlotte NC and at 3pm St. Tommie time they had finally arrived. Hot, excited, nervous, anxious, Marci and Katie got off the plane. Hearts pumping, knees shaking, sweat beating down their forehead they walked toward the baggage claim. After anxiously awaiting their bags, the two girls got a glimpse of a familiar face, Adam looking handsome as ever. Marci once again did the scream, and ran as she approached Adam. Katie stood in almost shock and disbelief of where she was once again. In no time at all Marci, Katie and Adam in all smiles, packed the car with the girls over packed luggage…ok Katie’s over packed luggage, and they headed east. Adam had though of the perfect way to start the vacation out, he handed Marci and Katie a Miller lite and said cheers. The girls were back, even if it was for a short time, it felt as if they were merely on vacation visiting Wisconsin, and Louisiana the last 7 months. This, St. Thomas is were they felt at home……to be continued…