Night out on George St. …plus a little extra

I did not write this first part its a little background info for where I went…not boring!
St John’s Rocks!! It has been a port city for about 500 years, with all the requisite attractions and distractions that goes with it. St John’s is said to have more drinking places per square kilometer than any other city in North America The waterfront remains the social centre, home of lively bars that feature the pick of Newfoundland folk music – the best single reason for visiting.

St. John’s ethnic composition of English and Irish ancestry is reflected in its nightlife with the predominance of pubs and places for live music. George Street in the heart of downtown St. John’s is the place to find old world pubs. Along the length of George Street you’ll find some 20 pubs and bars featuring Irish, country, dance, rock and roll and traditional music with the party going until 3 am on Friday nights. No matter what you are in the mood for, you are sure to find some entertainment that strikes your fancy!

So my second whole day off I decided to spend outside, I took a 20-25 mile bike ride in the countryland of St. John’s to a beautiful beach called Outer Cove there are a few pictures of it from when I went to a family beach party with the Poynters. After my legs were turned into wet noodles I decided to go out for Sushi, Vegetable tempura roll…delicious! Dont worry the story gets better so read on. When I was good and full, I trecked over to a bar and the nerd I am I read at the bar for two hours. I cant imagine what people were thinking of me, but I was content. There was a great soloist singing, Ben harper, and Jack Johnson type music, it was outside …it was great. When it got too dark to read, I headed over to my new favorite place, the local pool hall. I was minding my own business playing a game when a very nice man asked me to join their group and play. I gladly accepted on account pool isnt so fun by yourself, and played a few games. They were so fun and so cool, and come to find out in conversation they were celebrating a stag (bachelor party). I should have known something was up when one of the gentleman was dressed as Eddy Grizwald (SP), (The groom to be). They invited me to join their crew and spend a night out on George St. with them. I was skeptical for a split second..literally…but though hey I moved to two islands now knowing no one this was only a baby step to what I have already done. If you have ever been to or heard of what goes on at a bachelor party, yes I saw it all. Just like home, I was once again one of the guys. We went to a dance club and danced till we sweated. It was pure amusement the whole night!
So I got home about 3:15 by taxi, because I guess the cops are Nazi’s when it comes to drinking anything and driving, and go figure they dont like Americans so I would have probably been thrown in jail. After talking to Jeff till 4, I crawled into bed, woke at 6:30 and took yet another taxi to pick up the car.
The guys are hopefully sending me some pictures of the wedding in two weeks, so I’ll post them for ya’ll to see.
Thank you guys sooo much for the greatest night here yet!
Next day off…….who the heck knows!

So I go again

As most of you may know I am on another excursion this time a bit more complicated and longer than the last. I arrived in St. Johns Newfoundland (Eastern most part of Canada)on Monday after a long two days of traveling. I am keeping myself extremely busy helping the Poynters (my new employers) get ready for our boat trip come January. Hopefully pictures will be posted within the next week or so to give you all a little understanding what I have just subjected myself to :).