So the life of Nanny Kathryn has been taken to the water. After a great celebration of the Sox winning Friday down by Fenway, I had my first remberance sailing experience. I was SCARED TO DEATH! No better way to put it, I was thinking oh my god what have I got myself into. Then I got extremely sea sick….well maybe hungover…but it was something and it was coming up fast.
That was lesson number one, later in the day was lesson two, followed by two lessons the following day. Now I LOVE IT. Besides the swaying feeling for the next 6-7 hours after I get back on land, its great. I really think I can do it….live on a sailboat for 8 or so months… 🙂 Maybe a few more lessons will be good though…until then just call me the skipper (I make a few mistakes here and there).
OH yeah GO RED SOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!