Back we go, back we go

Back in St. John’s for the Holidays to come. We arrived Friday the 18th with no delays. The air is crisp and clear, and my god is it quiet! We had to turn on a radio to make some noise when we arrived at the house. Boston really did a number on our hearing senses! Besides the minor adjustments everything else is going great. Boston is definetly missed already, but this’ll do for a while till I go home. Gotta keep that head high…..its all part of the job.

Since Ive been back…

Where to start. where to start…..You could probably say I have seen more of Boston and its nightlife than I ever imagined! Thanks to my friend Paul, a Rhode Islander,and refuge from Tulane Law school in New Orleans. I met Paul at a bar outside of Fennway park called Tiki. That was on October 1st. Since then I really cannot say how much fun he has showed me just rollin about wherever our heart desired around Boston …. Just a small glimpse.
*Rebirth concert- *****Definetly worth checking out!!!

*Two trips to Rhode Island (where hes originally from) one trip included a Concert accompained by someone you may have heard of… 311….short but sweet concert!

* North Mississippi All Stars concert- *****Also someone worth checking out…..I saw it and was so in the moment…..speechless…

* I have seen the inside of just about every night/dance club Boston has to offer..Ok a bit over exaggeration, but I make my out enough..and have only once repeated my presence at a bar.

* Believe it or not you St. Thomas folk, but I have danced more in the last month and a half than I have in my WHOLE LIFE COMBINED…..So watch out Whitewater crew, because we are going to DANCE when I come home!!!

I want to thank Paul in front of the whole World Wide Web that I had the time of my life thanks to you….Im really gonna miss you!

A bit more news for those who are still listening..reading… I became the proud nanny of 2 on October 30th Miss Annabel Florence Poynter was born 8lbs, 3oz. Just cute as a button. So the easy life as a nanny of one, became a bit more hectic life of a nanny of two, but just as enjoyable. We are packing up the Boston residence as we speak, and heading back to St. John’s Newfoundland Canada where we will reside till I come home.

For anyone whos still out there..

To continue with my story from florida, Jeff and I drove down to the keys and had a BLAST. We made it all the way down to Keywest, after stopping and visiting my girl Kim in Orlando. We went on a day sail, which consisted of snorkeling, kyacking,parasailing, and jetskiing…all of which I very much enjoyed! After a few days there, we went up to Naples and walked along the biggest beach that Ive ever seen! The night before I left, we went out with chris and Holly….some of Jeff, and Adriane’s friends 🙂 in Fort Myers.
Overall I give Florida an 8, but only from what I had seen! I’ll be back..

Thank you babe for a great time…love ya