Since Ive been back…

Where to start. where to start…..You could probably say I have seen more of Boston and its nightlife than I ever imagined! Thanks to my friend Paul, a Rhode Islander,and refuge from Tulane Law school in New Orleans. I met Paul at a bar outside of Fennway park called Tiki. That was on October 1st. Since then I really cannot say how much fun he has showed me just rollin about wherever our heart desired around Boston …. Just a small glimpse.
*Rebirth concert- *****Definetly worth checking out!!!

*Two trips to Rhode Island (where hes originally from) one trip included a Concert accompained by someone you may have heard of… 311….short but sweet concert!

* North Mississippi All Stars concert- *****Also someone worth checking out…..I saw it and was so in the moment…..speechless…

* I have seen the inside of just about every night/dance club Boston has to offer..Ok a bit over exaggeration, but I make my out enough..and have only once repeated my presence at a bar.

* Believe it or not you St. Thomas folk, but I have danced more in the last month and a half than I have in my WHOLE LIFE COMBINED…..So watch out Whitewater crew, because we are going to DANCE when I come home!!!

I want to thank Paul in front of the whole World Wide Web that I had the time of my life thanks to you….Im really gonna miss you!

A bit more news for those who are still listening..reading… I became the proud nanny of 2 on October 30th Miss Annabel Florence Poynter was born 8lbs, 3oz. Just cute as a button. So the easy life as a nanny of one, became a bit more hectic life of a nanny of two, but just as enjoyable. We are packing up the Boston residence as we speak, and heading back to St. John’s Newfoundland Canada where we will reside till I come home.

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