First sail

Well, I did it, I had my first read adventure on the open sea……
Now im sure all of you are wondering, so so did she get sick, and others are wondering what did you see, did you hit an iceberg?? Well I do apologize to all you readers but no upchuck to report, no icebergs too big to take us out. Besides the lack of those though, we had an extremely adventerous sail today. We left at 8:30am from the cozy ancorage of Ste Anne, Martinique and headed for Rodney Bay St. Lucia thinking we were going to hit moderate seas and decient wind. It was only 25 miles from point A to point B, but was it a hell of a four-and-a-half hour trip. We found ourselves in 17-20 foot waves, and winds at 40 miles per hour. Now for all you non sailors like me, that is pretty intense seas. As a result we were healed over starboard side with our port side (leaning over to our right side, with our left side) at about 10-11 o’clock pretty much the whole time.. Mrs. Poynter lost her cookies off the aft about halfway through the trip, leaving herself out of commish for most of the trip. Annabel slept the entire way..thank goodness!!! Mr. Poynter held down the captains position, while I hung in the cockpit with Henry whom managed to scream for a good while and then finally settle in my lap in the cockpit for a good hour of the trip. I think with the rest of his awake time I must have sang twinkle twinkle little star, and the ABC’s at least 40-50 times each….did you know they are the same tune?
What we saw was worth every second of sickness and screaming! for the first time in my ocean experience I saw nothing but sea. Quite an unsettling feeling for the first time being out there. I also experienced my first time of docking, which I learned so much, and have much left to learn. With time I will get it though, DETERMINED!
Lastly We got to see a school of portuses (sp) larger than any school Mr. Poynter had ever seen. There were hundreds of them, it was just amazing. The only other wild life we saw, were hundreds and probably thousands of flying fish, funny little creatures they are.
We made it into Rhodney bay at about 1300 hours and that is were we are parked for the next few days.

5 thoughts on “First sail

  1. Hi honey
    Great story. When do we get to see pictures?
    Please check your email when you can.
    Love you, miss you.

  2. Hi honey,
    Great pictures. Thanks for truning the lettering black now could you the font bigger?
    I know, picky picky but really older eyes.
    Love you,

  3. Katie,
    What an experience. I am so jealous. I have not had the pleasure of sailing in the open sea with nothing to see but the sea. WOW! Please post the pictures soon, I’d love to see whatever you have. I bet with Henry in your lap most of the time, taking pictures was a bit hard. Tell Mrs. Poynter that the patch behind the ear helps a lot, my Dad used them exclusively. I’m sure you will get the handle on docking the boat, think of it as a ballet – it might help. Hi from Theresa too!

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