Long time no entry :)

Oh the things I have done lets see…
I took a tour of st lucia, Dominica, and Guadeloupes rainforests, all just amazing with waterfalls in all of them. Sailing is so much fun, my stomach is getting very use to it, I dont even need to drug myself anymore :)!
We spent one week in St. Lucia where I met some very interesting people to party with, great fun! I had a day off so I found myself on a tour of the Rainforest with 6-7 perfect strangers. By the end of the day, I knew them all, walked, biked, and safari rode around in the rainforest, saw the most beautiful waterfall, and met some great, interesting, people from all over.
After the weather had been so yucky we decided to head north, so we started our longest sail and headed back to Martinique for a night. Day two started at sun up and we were off sailing all day ended in Dominica. The plan was to stay for a night, which turned to a week.Absolutly amazing place, so poor yet so happy. The people had nothing but spirit, with no money, and very few personal belongings, it was rejuvinating to see them so happy. We took a tour of the Rainforests there and saw a rainforest that topped all I have seen. We hiked the rainforest, saw so many herbs, fruits, and vegetables which the people of Dominica live on by eating, and for their medicines.
Departing from Dominica was another early morning and rough sailing but still a great adventure. We made it it Pan de Sucre a bay in Isle Des Saintes (french islands) early afternoon, and hung there for a week. So far my favorite place yet!
My days:
get up at about 8 feed henry breakfast, hang out on the boat or go for a heart stoping hilly walk to town with Mrs.Poynter and the kids. Have lunch on the boat, go for a snorkel/swim with Mrs. Poynter, read a book, get henry up, take the Dingy into the beach…two minutes away… have a drink hang by the beach, feed Henry dinner, read/watch a movie eat dinner, and head to bed.
Gotta love it 🙂
Every day is about the same we find something to do in the morning, we find something to explore in the afternoon, All I can say is, I am the luckest person on earth!!! Only way to make it better is have everyone I know and love to be experiencing it with me.
Thank you all for reading my blog I hope you all havent lost interest yet….we are only now in Guadeloupe…with much more ocean and island to cover.
miss you all

4 thoughts on “Long time no entry :)

  1. You lost my interest, i dont even know why i read this blog :)… j/k. It sounds like a blast, some day maybe ill do something cool like go somewhere!

  2. Hi Katie,

    Nice to read about your travels! I enjoyed meeting you on the bike tour in the jungle – you are an intriguing person. Keep in touch!

  3. hey you, i thought i had it good, but you have it great. i am very happy for you and totally envious and jealous, you are a crazy girl just to pack up and leave whenever you feel, but thats you and the free spiritness that i love. happy trails to you, until we meet again……

  4. I just thought you should know that when I woke up this morning the temp was -14 with windchill of -43. Think of all of us in WI today when you are sitting on the beach. 🙂 Can’t wait to see you!!! Love, your big sis

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