As I sit here typing this entry, there is a steel drum band playing on the dock right next to me for one of the many yachts here. The breeze here is enough to make you go below, or put on a sweatshirt of some kind. Yeah I really like my life right now.

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  1. hey you, seems like you are having a bit of fun. we made it half way to our destination, we are on a military base in wurzburg. its great, its like america, but europe is right over the fence. we had a bit of trouble makin over to the base, but we talked someone into gettin the other two on. email me a letter to let me know how you have been. pretty please with sugar on top! hahaha keep in touch, stay safe, good to see your happy in the sand and water! bye bye

  2. KATIE! its your birthday today on the 28th or tomorrow the 1st. i say the 28th. lol. I don’t know your email adress so i am going to just leave a comment.



  3. happy birthday to you. i decided to give you a happy bday today instead of yesterday. hope all is well. take care

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