Oh a tale or two to tell

We spent 10 days in Falamouth Harbor…and in those ten days I feel like I met a lifetime of friends. I cannot believe how many people there are in this world that I have not met, and will never get the chance to meet. I do miss everyone at home so much, but honestly I have so much to see and SOO many people to meet I am so glad I left.
Some short stories to tell. The first people I met on the island were the crew of Huntress, probably the best motor boat…or any boat…crew that I have ever met! Not one of them would I change, they were absolutly great people, I do hope I run into them again.
Heather the girl who cut my hair on our birthday ended up being not just my haircutter girl, but really a great friend. She was sweetest enough to invite me along in whatever she was doing during my stay there. I got to meet her boyfriend Gavin’s whole family from Ireland/Australia and spend a few nights chatting with them……GREAT family!! One of which nights we spent hanging out on the dock at the CAT club where I met Grahamn (scotland) and Michael (Hawaii//cali) who worked on another boat. The next day I went snorkeling in the coolest place with the two of them, Gavin’s brother-in-law from Australia, and Michael’s old captain from….I dont remember. We had so much fun, we saw a turtle, a huge lobster, and lots and lots of little fishies. The next night was Abracadabra’s (kick ass Italian resturaunt/disco club) birthday, so with Gavin’s family and Heather I tagged along to the most amazing meal I have ever had. Then was the party, such a fun party….needless to say I arrived home at 7:30am with no sleep and ready to work. With my days dwindiling I got to know a few people a bit more and then It was a bittersweet goodbye. But no worries…I would be back…..
We left the dock on Tuesday morning and headed to Green Island-Antigua. Oh my goodness, hands down it was the most beautiful place I have ever seen, the sand the small beaches, the water, my god the water! The first night there I slept like a baby curled up in a sleeping bag in the cockpit (outside on deck). I woke only twice once to see more stars in the sky than I ever knew exhisted, they stretched from one horizon to the next, not one spot in the sky was untouched by a star, absolutly amazing. The next waking was the pink, orange, purple, and yellow sunrise.
The next night was not so amazing, it was a very very windy rainy night and we had a bit of a scare. The anchor was in secure but still we did an anchor watch all night. Someone was up on deck throughout the whole night making sure it wouldnt let up. Nothing happened all night, and when Henry and I were up all alone at 8:30 the next morning eating breakfast I noticed us getting closer and closer to the reef. So I yelled down to the Poynters, within a minute they were both on deck and the engine was on. We moved to Nonsuchbay on Green Island and after anchoring a few times we were finally in. We stayed there for the day through the rain and sunshine. After having another reef scare the Poynters decided on a dime that we were headed back to Falamouth Harbor. So within five minutes we had the boat ready to sail and we were off. We had a very simple sail in the lee of the island and back to Falamouth for the night we were. Friday morning we headed to yet another anchorage that we were unable to stay in because of the Northerly swell…so we ended up in Jolly Harbor. Coming in was an amazing sight, the water was the color of what you would see in Pirates of the Caribbean. Beautiful place, but a scary motor in, what I have learned is—beautiful water means shallow, or reefy water. Not a sailboats best friend. Coming into Jolly Harbor we hit sand! Mr. Poynter warned us we may, so we were at ease a bit…but still very scary to actually feel ground under the keel.
Well thats about it for now, I am headed tommrow to stay with Heather for a few days and then its off to meet Age in San Juan where I am to take a much needed vacation.
Katie/kathryn signing out for now…until I write again. I love all you I know, and I cant wait to meet all you I have not had the pleasure of yet.

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  1. Quite the amazing stories .. I think we are all jealous. The next time you see one of those big lobsters, grab it and mail it to me!

    Also, for all you fellow katiestravels.us fans I added up a few of Katies pics the other day, check them out.

  2. Hope you have fun w/Age and friends in PR. I was looking at the recent pics and see you’ve got a Brewers hat on…loks MUCH better than the Red Sox one!!
    Snowing in Wisconsin today with 5 days left til Spring…UGH!!

  3. jealous, jealous jealous, your living a dream, congratulations on doing what you really knew would make you happy! nice pics!

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