Well as some of you may know I took a little time away from the boat. Everything is still peachykeen but time away makes the heart grow fonder…or something like that :). Naw the Poynters niece jumped on board so they didn’t need me for the week…..
Anyway, I spent some time with my favorite Antigua/English/Australian friends for a few days. Alot of resting and laying on the beach…much needed time to relax. Thank you again Adam for taking me in and being my relaxer for those days. Even though I cant sleep past 7am I really needed the down time! Im sure ya already have dibs on the Virgin girls for Monday…but Im pretty darn sure you’ll see me again sometime soon….
Heather, you are the sweetest girl I have ever met THANK you sooo much for letting me follow you around for my time in Antigua!!!! We definetly have to meet up in New York/Boston this summer! I am looking forward to it already.
I also want to thank everyone else I met my second time around…forgive me if I forget someone…its been a long few days. Maria, your crazy but man are you fun, Ruth good luck in whatever may come your way…something definetly will. And Marie, thank you again for the EXCELLENT dinner, It was great having just a girls night. (sorry for mispelled names 🙂 ).
Leaving ya’ll definetly was not on my fun list, but hopefully I’ll float or fly by again soon.
Thank you…miss you…

2 thoughts on “Holiday…ahhh

  1. hey while in rome do as the romans do. so i did. keep havin fun, see you sometime when you take a break from your dream!

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