Puerto Rico Day 1

Alrighty The sum up of five fun filled days in Puerto Rico
I made it to my plane at 4am thanks to a sweet guy…thank you Adam… I boarded the plane with a working cell phone but arrived in PR with a broken cell phone. Still not sure what happened to it. So there I was in San Juan with a broken phone, no US cash for a pay phone and no communication with my sister. My smart ass didnt tell her what I was flying and thanks to all the gin and tonics in Antigua I couldnt remember if I told her what time I was getting in. After finding a TYME machine, getting change from a store I did as any 22 year old would do,… I called mom. Thank goodness I did because Adriane though of the same thing. So my mother being a few thousand miles away in the freezing cold somehow brought us together. As I was wandering around the Airport I heard a voice I recognized, Age!
After Kara (Adrianes ol’ college roommate) just about rung my neck for taking so long, and meeting Kara’s travel buddy Trishia We were off. Our destination was Rincon, PR a few hour trip from San Juan…PR Is HUGE! In our 2-3 hour trip I think I managed to talk for most of it. It was so nice sitting next to Age telling her all my crazy adventure stories. Anywhoo history was in the making, I still dont know how we got to our destination with all the turn, loops, back roads we took but somehow we found ourselves in Rincon. Oh yeah we made one pit stop while trying to find a beach, kara and Trishia decided to go up to a house and ask for directions (age and I stuck in the car..neither of us speak a lick of Spanish) After almost getting eaten by vicious on its last leg Elvis the dog The nice people from New Jersey gave us directions we couldn’t use.
We made our way to a surfer stop/tree house thingy for some lunch, bad food, but good company. After lunch we made our way to our first “hotel”, im disclosing the name…mainly because I forgot it :). The coolest place I have ever stayed! Kara got us an amazing deal at this tree house rental home. The bedrooms were literally suspended in the trees with big metal cables. There was an absolutely beautiful main house with a living area, dinning area, kitchen, and two bedrooms. (ladies if any of you can describe it better…please email it to me and i’ll post it). The whole place was made from bamboo from this man who took over 20 years to build. There were toilets and showers outside, along with toads, frogs, a stray cat, and dog.
After exploring the coolest guest house ever, we decided to make our way to the beach. Age and I sat on rocks and I talked, while Kara and Trisha took a nap in the sand. They were awoken by an entire class huddled around them taking pictures and exploring the beach…so funny to watch!
Later that evening we decided to stay in for dinner where we had a Mrs. Poynter and my’s favorite Shrimp, coconut milk, and curry over pasta…. after dinner we decided to go for a little wiggle action. We made our way into Rincon to an all you can drink for $3 bar! Yeah thank goodness there are not a lot of those places or else I would get nothing done J. The music was riggatone ..a new kind of reagge/dance/hiphop/I don’t know what to call it. Whatever it was, it was GREAT dance music. Age wasn’t feeling so up to the dancing scene so we hung back and just watched. Oh my god is Kara hilarious, she has the best party face I have ever seen!
End of day one!….just day one!!

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  1. wow, reading all that and seeing those pictures just broke my heart…1st of all YOUR BLACK and im not and i remember when i was ha and that place looked awesome and i miss you and the beach and crazy locals…st thomas reunion NOW

  2. “girl you know you are the apple
    of my eye and i adore you…”
    ok it’s time to go back!!!! reunion planning starts NOW

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