Since leaving the boat……

First off….DAMN IS IT COLD! I was home for 10 days and oh man was it great! I really missed everyone lots and lots, and the looks on everyone’s faces was priceless. I didnt tell anyone I was coming home because things change A LOT with the Poynters so to not let anyone down if It did change I just kept it to myself. :). After almost giving my mother a heart attack, and confusing the hell out of my sister, I saw loads and loads of friends. And didnt get a wink of sleep. But if you ask me…it was ALL worth it! My dad and I went to a Brewers game two days after I arrived, I love brewer games….even If they do lose 7-zip. Plus spending time with my dad was another priceless moment, I wouldnt have cared if they lost 20-zip, the company made up for it.
Of course I didnt get to see all, or do all…but in 10 days I managed to put on almost 1000 miles on the car (sorry dad ), saw my entire family, my Grandma twice, my Aunt Theresa twice, my sister 6 outa 10 days, two nights in Whitewater (Always a good time!!), three nights in Milwaukee, a few short visits with my favorite girls from Stoughton…love you kels and Kayla, a day with Jeff…which included an awesome game of Golf and a much needed talk..thank you….and in two days of going out in Madison, and Stoughton I saw about 80% of my graduating class and my favorite people from the grade above me. I just couldnt believe how many people were around for the holidays…I love small towns 🙂
After getting overnighted in Newark from a cancelled flight to St. John’s I made it safely back to the house in Newfoundland…where I will hide out from the cold until we head back to Boston next month. The temperature is anywhere from 30-50 degrees, with precipitation almost EVERDAY. I guess thats what you get when you’ve been spoiled living in the Caribbean for the winter.


Back on the Boat

After the trip to Puerto Rico I met the family in the BVI’s, Beef Island Tortola to be exact. I had a bit of trouble getting back to the boat..apparently the Immigration office in Tortola thought I was never going to leave their country. I was stuck in the Immigration office for over 2 hours, Mrs Poynter had to come buy me a ticket off the island, and then finally they let me go.
For the next three weeks we sailed around the British Virgin Islands with no real destinations at all. We spent a couple days at the Bitter end, Virgin Gordia. Another few days in Norman Island at The Bite, two nights in Little Harbour Jost Van Dyke, two days at my favorite place in the BVI’s…but I dont remember its name…It was a little tucked away anchorage on Norman Island the only place we stayed on the whole trip without a bar somewhere in the bay. Such a great little place! I must go back there!!!!
Some very cool things I did in those few weeks were:
Mrs. Poynter and I went snorkeling in caves at the Bite. We didnt see too much except hundreds and hundreds of fish.
In my favorite no name spot we had a sister ship to Blue Beach tie up to us and hang out for the night. The owner of the other boat spotted tarpin, and sharks in the water after dinner. It was crazy, they were 5-6-7 feet long fish all just swimming around the boats. It was very cool to see, until a few days later when we headed back to that spot, and henry wanted to go swimming. Now I will be the first one to admit, I was afraid as hell to get back into that water…Those were BIG fish! Not to worry though, Henry and I still have all our limbs :).
Oh man I learned how to steer the boat, and honestly I am TOTALLY hooked! I absolutly love to drive it, and even more I LOVE when we are healed over! Its such a rush to have that much boat, and that much weight in your control. Even sitting in the cockpit when the boat was healed over so much the life lines were in the water, I was nervous yes, but very excited too. I think I may have found my favorite sport :).
We didnt participate in the Oyster Regatta but we did however start every race with the group of 20 other Oysters. And yes, of course…with Mr Poynter on the helm, and Mrs Poynter on the sheets, we kicked butt at the starting line!
Leaving the boat was very sad even though it was much needed. Living on 62 feet of space is tough, really tough sometimes. But honestly I would never give up the experience for all the money in the world! We left on April the 17th after seeing the hottest day in the Caribbean so far! I swear it was 100 degrees outside, and I really think It was our busiest day on the boat. I had no Idea how much I learned in those few months on the boat! We had to fuel up and then dock the boat, my job was to set up the stern lines, and put out the bumpers. Without even realizing I did everything no problems. I may have not been in school for this year, but damn did I ever learn sooo much!

Last and final day of Puerto Rico

I’ll title day 4….Shop till you drop day!
Seriously after sitting in the car for I dunno, 2 hours we finally made it to Old San Juan. Kara did an Austin Powers move in the parking ramp after getting very fed up with the other drivers, went up a ramp the wrong way, and found a perfect parking space. All I have to say, is watch out when Kara gets on a rampage… :).
What a beautiful colorful place San Juan was. I hope to own a house someday that is filled with as much life as that city!! Every single building was painted a different color, ya know just an idea but I think in America we all should paint our homes and businesses like they do there. Maybe then we would be a bit more cheerful :).
We took a walk to Fort-el-Moro, saw the very cool tall wall around it, but never managed to get to the top. We walked and walked down this path and came to a dead halt when the path ended and there was ocean….But there was an amazing kite fly there that we got to see from the air, hundreds of different sizes and shapes…kite fly in Puerto Rico…never though of it… A helecopter almost took us out, and we are still not sure what it was doing there. All of a sudden it came out of the air, landed, and picked up again. Very wierd if you ask me…very wierd…
The traffic was absolutly terrible when we tried to leave the city so we chilled on the waterfront for a while. No offense to anyone out there, but you can spot a cruise shipper a mile away, people! You gotta loose the matching outfits, fanny packs, and flat billed hats…they really are not in.! When traffic let up, or we got fed up with waiting, i dont remember which happened, we headed to Rincon for the night.
We had a great dinner to wrap up the best vacation, we went around the table picking out all of our favorite times in the last four days. I would have to say mine was every single time I laughed, so pretty much the whole vacation.
To end our perfect vacation, a bum scared the hell out of us, a guy came out of a bar and followed us, and we heard the wierdest conversation from the people sitting behind us at dinner. Not really sure how we saw all we saw, did what we did, and learned all we learned, Mostly I thank Kara for talking to anyone that came within 10 feet of us. Thank you Kara!!!!!!!
DAY 5, final day
Trisha’s flight left on an early departure so Kara and Age brought her there while I slept like a baby :). Kara parked the car on a one way going the wrong way, so she had to attend to the car immedietly and move it :). We had some breakfast at our great hotel and headed back to San Juan. Leaving was sad of course! But I am soo happy I had that time with those girls.

What do you get when you put together Nanny, an Accountant, a price Analyist, and a Head of an After School Program? A vacation that will never be forgotten! Thank you girls….honestly this has to be an annual thing!

Day 3 Puerto Rico

Thanks to Mr. George’s recommendation we hopped in the car very early and went to a town called Guanica, rented kyaks and headed for Gullians island (better known as gilligans island :)), Age in a Kyak..first for her but she did a great job! The island was a quick kyak away so we paddled over to the island and chilled for a few hours. The island was filled with mangroves and puetro ricans. No offense to them whatsoever, its their island…but honestly I think we were the only full Americans, except for one older couple we ran into. Everyone was there just hanging out enjoying the beautiful weather. Our kyaking trip was cut a bit short when all the whities were turned to redies! Kara’s feet and ankles were the color of my Wisconsin sweatshirt (bright red). She was well done!
So we headed to destination #3 San Juan, the drive was a quiet one, very tired we were! We made our way to hotel 3 Andalucia. The cutiest little B&b you could ever imagine! It was just adorable, ran by two gay men, and occupied by what I would call a flavored bunch. Not that any of us cared, it was a great little spot, with the friendlest people you could ever find.
After much needed showers and naps we headed for dinner in Old San Juan. El Picutea de Tapas was where we finally settled and had some munchies…well Tapas actually :). Very yummy dinner and great conversations with the people sitting next to us. I swear Kara’s like me but ten times more guilty…she talks to EVERYONE! Which totally was to our benefit because yet again we found out more about the island and what was going on in Old San Juan. Which influenced the next day…but thats for later. .. Us four girls had a long long night of wiggling, I think we danced from about 11,12 to 4:30am! We had soo much fun, and damn can those Puetro Ricans move!!! We danced so much, I was sore for like two days…yes I know totally out of shape. But the pain was totally worth it, I had lots and lots of fun!

Day 2 Puerto Rico

DAY 2:
Ahh sleeping in…till 7:30 that was nice and much needed! Age and I crawled out of bed and made our way downstairs after we heard what we though was Kara being murdered. False alarm, she was just running away from some stray animal…I think… After Kara broke the toilet outside, and Age got attacked by the house cat, we had enough of the Tree huts..even though I would SOO GO BACK!!
We made our way to Sandy beach, great beautiful beach. I took a “dead to the world” much needed nap, Kara was violated by the waves while she attempted to body surf, and met a dog that had “Bad Dog, and for sale” spray painted on its side. Oh yeah, and we got a little bit of sun, it wasnt out too much, but I definetly was not complaining….I needed a few days of shade. I really did feel bad for the rest of the girls who were vacationing away from winter… thank you!
On our way to destination #2 the city of Rajas, Trisha was for damn sure she saw a six legged cow, so of course we had to turn the car around making two u-turns only to find out it was a cow with a calf under it, I wrote in my journal that we laughed so hard we all had stomach aches after that. After a few hours of driving we made it to Hotel Dorres De la Paraguera, cute hotel..a bit dirty..not sure if I would stay there again…but extremely hospitable. We took a dip in the color changing pool and then dressed for dinner. The hotel’s restaurant was very yummy and they had this disch called a “Mofongo”, my god did Kara have a hay-day with the name! She that it was absolutly hillarious. The service was superb, our waiter and the manager were overly friendly and helpful to us. I would certainly go back there just for that!
We made our way to a ferry that took us out to illumenscence(sp) bay, WOW apparently it doesnt look like it use to, but I was totally impressed. Going into this bay all you see are mangroves and water, but a worker from the ferry jumped in and glowed! it was totally amazing, everywhere he would move the water glowed this green tint.
After seeing the amazing glowing water we wandered back to the hotel only to find out that no bars in the whole town were open past midnight…some curfue they have! but it didnt matter because the manager of our hotel opened up the bar just for us and drank with us till three in the morning. He was so great! He told us all kinds of stories, some of which I believed :). But honestly it was great, he was so kind to us, and gave us some great tips on where to go for Day 3 of our wild and crazy adventure.