Day 2 Puerto Rico

DAY 2:
Ahh sleeping in…till 7:30 that was nice and much needed! Age and I crawled out of bed and made our way downstairs after we heard what we though was Kara being murdered. False alarm, she was just running away from some stray animal…I think… After Kara broke the toilet outside, and Age got attacked by the house cat, we had enough of the Tree huts..even though I would SOO GO BACK!!
We made our way to Sandy beach, great beautiful beach. I took a “dead to the world” much needed nap, Kara was violated by the waves while she attempted to body surf, and met a dog that had “Bad Dog, and for sale” spray painted on its side. Oh yeah, and we got a little bit of sun, it wasnt out too much, but I definetly was not complaining….I needed a few days of shade. I really did feel bad for the rest of the girls who were vacationing away from winter… thank you!
On our way to destination #2 the city of Rajas, Trisha was for damn sure she saw a six legged cow, so of course we had to turn the car around making two u-turns only to find out it was a cow with a calf under it, I wrote in my journal that we laughed so hard we all had stomach aches after that. After a few hours of driving we made it to Hotel Dorres De la Paraguera, cute hotel..a bit dirty..not sure if I would stay there again…but extremely hospitable. We took a dip in the color changing pool and then dressed for dinner. The hotel’s restaurant was very yummy and they had this disch called a “Mofongo”, my god did Kara have a hay-day with the name! She that it was absolutly hillarious. The service was superb, our waiter and the manager were overly friendly and helpful to us. I would certainly go back there just for that!
We made our way to a ferry that took us out to illumenscence(sp) bay, WOW apparently it doesnt look like it use to, but I was totally impressed. Going into this bay all you see are mangroves and water, but a worker from the ferry jumped in and glowed! it was totally amazing, everywhere he would move the water glowed this green tint.
After seeing the amazing glowing water we wandered back to the hotel only to find out that no bars in the whole town were open past midnight…some curfue they have! but it didnt matter because the manager of our hotel opened up the bar just for us and drank with us till three in the morning. He was so great! He told us all kinds of stories, some of which I believed :). But honestly it was great, he was so kind to us, and gave us some great tips on where to go for Day 3 of our wild and crazy adventure.