Day 3 Puerto Rico

Thanks to Mr. George’s recommendation we hopped in the car very early and went to a town called Guanica, rented kyaks and headed for Gullians island (better known as gilligans island :)), Age in a Kyak..first for her but she did a great job! The island was a quick kyak away so we paddled over to the island and chilled for a few hours. The island was filled with mangroves and puetro ricans. No offense to them whatsoever, its their island…but honestly I think we were the only full Americans, except for one older couple we ran into. Everyone was there just hanging out enjoying the beautiful weather. Our kyaking trip was cut a bit short when all the whities were turned to redies! Kara’s feet and ankles were the color of my Wisconsin sweatshirt (bright red). She was well done!
So we headed to destination #3 San Juan, the drive was a quiet one, very tired we were! We made our way to hotel 3 Andalucia. The cutiest little B&b you could ever imagine! It was just adorable, ran by two gay men, and occupied by what I would call a flavored bunch. Not that any of us cared, it was a great little spot, with the friendlest people you could ever find.
After much needed showers and naps we headed for dinner in Old San Juan. El Picutea de Tapas was where we finally settled and had some munchies…well Tapas actually :). Very yummy dinner and great conversations with the people sitting next to us. I swear Kara’s like me but ten times more guilty…she talks to EVERYONE! Which totally was to our benefit because yet again we found out more about the island and what was going on in Old San Juan. Which influenced the next day…but thats for later. .. Us four girls had a long long night of wiggling, I think we danced from about 11,12 to 4:30am! We had soo much fun, and damn can those Puetro Ricans move!!! We danced so much, I was sore for like two days…yes I know totally out of shape. But the pain was totally worth it, I had lots and lots of fun!