Back on the Boat

After the trip to Puerto Rico I met the family in the BVI’s, Beef Island Tortola to be exact. I had a bit of trouble getting back to the boat..apparently the Immigration office in Tortola thought I was never going to leave their country. I was stuck in the Immigration office for over 2 hours, Mrs Poynter had to come buy me a ticket off the island, and then finally they let me go.
For the next three weeks we sailed around the British Virgin Islands with no real destinations at all. We spent a couple days at the Bitter end, Virgin Gordia. Another few days in Norman Island at The Bite, two nights in Little Harbour Jost Van Dyke, two days at my favorite place in the BVI’s…but I dont remember its name…It was a little tucked away anchorage on Norman Island the only place we stayed on the whole trip without a bar somewhere in the bay. Such a great little place! I must go back there!!!!
Some very cool things I did in those few weeks were:
Mrs. Poynter and I went snorkeling in caves at the Bite. We didnt see too much except hundreds and hundreds of fish.
In my favorite no name spot we had a sister ship to Blue Beach tie up to us and hang out for the night. The owner of the other boat spotted tarpin, and sharks in the water after dinner. It was crazy, they were 5-6-7 feet long fish all just swimming around the boats. It was very cool to see, until a few days later when we headed back to that spot, and henry wanted to go swimming. Now I will be the first one to admit, I was afraid as hell to get back into that water…Those were BIG fish! Not to worry though, Henry and I still have all our limbs :).
Oh man I learned how to steer the boat, and honestly I am TOTALLY hooked! I absolutly love to drive it, and even more I LOVE when we are healed over! Its such a rush to have that much boat, and that much weight in your control. Even sitting in the cockpit when the boat was healed over so much the life lines were in the water, I was nervous yes, but very excited too. I think I may have found my favorite sport :).
We didnt participate in the Oyster Regatta but we did however start every race with the group of 20 other Oysters. And yes, of course…with Mr Poynter on the helm, and Mrs Poynter on the sheets, we kicked butt at the starting line!
Leaving the boat was very sad even though it was much needed. Living on 62 feet of space is tough, really tough sometimes. But honestly I would never give up the experience for all the money in the world! We left on April the 17th after seeing the hottest day in the Caribbean so far! I swear it was 100 degrees outside, and I really think It was our busiest day on the boat. I had no Idea how much I learned in those few months on the boat! We had to fuel up and then dock the boat, my job was to set up the stern lines, and put out the bumpers. Without even realizing I did everything no problems. I may have not been in school for this year, but damn did I ever learn sooo much!