Last and final day of Puerto Rico

I’ll title day 4….Shop till you drop day!
Seriously after sitting in the car for I dunno, 2 hours we finally made it to Old San Juan. Kara did an Austin Powers move in the parking ramp after getting very fed up with the other drivers, went up a ramp the wrong way, and found a perfect parking space. All I have to say, is watch out when Kara gets on a rampage… :).
What a beautiful colorful place San Juan was. I hope to own a house someday that is filled with as much life as that city!! Every single building was painted a different color, ya know just an idea but I think in America we all should paint our homes and businesses like they do there. Maybe then we would be a bit more cheerful :).
We took a walk to Fort-el-Moro, saw the very cool tall wall around it, but never managed to get to the top. We walked and walked down this path and came to a dead halt when the path ended and there was ocean….But there was an amazing kite fly there that we got to see from the air, hundreds of different sizes and shapes…kite fly in Puerto Rico…never though of it… A helecopter almost took us out, and we are still not sure what it was doing there. All of a sudden it came out of the air, landed, and picked up again. Very wierd if you ask me…very wierd…
The traffic was absolutly terrible when we tried to leave the city so we chilled on the waterfront for a while. No offense to anyone out there, but you can spot a cruise shipper a mile away, people! You gotta loose the matching outfits, fanny packs, and flat billed hats…they really are not in.! When traffic let up, or we got fed up with waiting, i dont remember which happened, we headed to Rincon for the night.
We had a great dinner to wrap up the best vacation, we went around the table picking out all of our favorite times in the last four days. I would have to say mine was every single time I laughed, so pretty much the whole vacation.
To end our perfect vacation, a bum scared the hell out of us, a guy came out of a bar and followed us, and we heard the wierdest conversation from the people sitting behind us at dinner. Not really sure how we saw all we saw, did what we did, and learned all we learned, Mostly I thank Kara for talking to anyone that came within 10 feet of us. Thank you Kara!!!!!!!
DAY 5, final day
Trisha’s flight left on an early departure so Kara and Age brought her there while I slept like a baby :). Kara parked the car on a one way going the wrong way, so she had to attend to the car immedietly and move it :). We had some breakfast at our great hotel and headed back to San Juan. Leaving was sad of course! But I am soo happy I had that time with those girls.

What do you get when you put together Nanny, an Accountant, a price Analyist, and a Head of an After School Program? A vacation that will never be forgotten! Thank you girls….honestly this has to be an annual thing!