Since leaving the boat……

First off….DAMN IS IT COLD! I was home for 10 days and oh man was it great! I really missed everyone lots and lots, and the looks on everyone’s faces was priceless. I didnt tell anyone I was coming home because things change A LOT with the Poynters so to not let anyone down if It did change I just kept it to myself. :). After almost giving my mother a heart attack, and confusing the hell out of my sister, I saw loads and loads of friends. And didnt get a wink of sleep. But if you ask me…it was ALL worth it! My dad and I went to a Brewers game two days after I arrived, I love brewer games….even If they do lose 7-zip. Plus spending time with my dad was another priceless moment, I wouldnt have cared if they lost 20-zip, the company made up for it.
Of course I didnt get to see all, or do all…but in 10 days I managed to put on almost 1000 miles on the car (sorry dad ), saw my entire family, my Grandma twice, my Aunt Theresa twice, my sister 6 outa 10 days, two nights in Whitewater (Always a good time!!), three nights in Milwaukee, a few short visits with my favorite girls from Stoughton…love you kels and Kayla, a day with Jeff…which included an awesome game of Golf and a much needed talk..thank you….and in two days of going out in Madison, and Stoughton I saw about 80% of my graduating class and my favorite people from the grade above me. I just couldnt believe how many people were around for the holidays…I love small towns 🙂
After getting overnighted in Newark from a cancelled flight to St. John’s I made it safely back to the house in Newfoundland…where I will hide out from the cold until we head back to Boston next month. The temperature is anywhere from 30-50 degrees, with precipitation almost EVERDAY. I guess thats what you get when you’ve been spoiled living in the Caribbean for the winter.


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  1. sounds like your having fun. you were really busy, no sleep doesn’t sound like the old katie i knew. ciao have fun! tyson

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