Update, pictures included in gallery

Tis been a few weeks up in Newfoundland a’ 🙂 naw just kidding I haven’t picked up the Newfy accent..although it is rather amusing :). All I can say is these people remind me of home, such warm hearts and sweet faces. Every single one of them!
As you can see from the pictures I have added being up here has given me a real chance to see the place and hang out with what I think the best group in Newfoundland. All current and past employees of “Sport Check” a sporting goods store bound together by one thing…booze :)..They definetly know how to party..in and out of the cabin! This weekend was a new holiday to me.. May two-four, Queen Victoria day, and campin/cabin openings. A bunch of us headed up to a friends cabin and had WAY WAY too much fun…best quote comin outa there and soo true ” My everything hurts”. It was a long weekend, an extremely rough on the body weekend, all mixed together to create some great memories.
Thank you all!!!
As for the other album this is the hike Mrs. Poynter and I rough up every couple days with the kids strapped to us. Its a gorgeous hike that almost kills us with its 200+ steps and steep path uphill. After catching our breath’s Mrs. Poynter always say how lucky we are to see such a beautiful place. With the ocean a slip away and all of St. John’s in full view every step is worth the reward.
Yeah I may complain a time or two about the killer temperature, but I really do feel lucky I have got to stay here for one more month…Plus of course 1 month of winter as compaired to 5,6 even 7 months of it…I think this lady can handle it!
We are patiently the arrival of good news about the boat. A few technical problems need to be fixed and Blue Beach will be ready for us once again. Its in the works, but word on the street is we may be sailing her from the British Virgin Islands up to Boston. As you all may know, I have my fingers crossed to rough the trip with the fam.
As for me and my future plans…changing everday….except for my “for sures 🙂 “, I am finishing school with Whitewater possibly online earning my Liberal Studies degree…and then continuing my education to a better/new suited degree, Cross-Cultural Nutrition. How to go about it, not a damn clue! But ya’ll know me..I always figure something out…….